General and useful Goodwin features you will enjoy


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Orders Management System

Manage your reservations. Communicate with customers. Operate documentation. Create reports. Everything is on the go and in real-time. Mobile-friendly for the executives and OPS to perform all the needed actions.

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Website and CMS

A ready-made customizable website with an integrated online booking engine provides workflows for both B2B and B2C customers. You can have a few websites/brands operating from the same account. SEO, SEM, and deep Analytics functionality supported.

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Online booking engine

Using fully customized search forms you can sell dynamic packages, hotels, air tickets, transfers, excursions, sightseeing tours, and any other services that benefit your business.

Adjust your booking engine accordingly to your business model using a variety of settings. And we are ready to help you. 


As a FIT contracts user, you can freely operate with static hotel contracts. Create and manage many types of special promotions, quotas, extra services, taxes, and stop-sales. Create hotel contracts and distribute your prices through XML, API connections, or your online booking system. Reservations to your FIT partners can be sent automatically. 


Goodwin system will take care of the financial counting. Operate your payments, and invoices. Create statements and control balances. Provide your partners with credit limits. API integration with external financial systems is available on request.


It is all about API integrations. You have access to an entirely integrations-friendly ecosystem.
Choose the preferred suppliers from our portfolio and start collaboration.
Or benefit from our free integrations connecting to the GTO travel online platform. Any integration can be developed upon your request.

Sales Channels

It is always better to have as many as possible sales channels.
Sell online / offline, using your B2B and B2C networks.
Connect to the worldwide marketplace TravelgateX through Goodwin`s API and multiply your income.

Goodwin Dynamic packages
Goodwin Dynamic packages

Save time for more important tasks.
It takes around 10 minutes for 1 person to start selling a brand-new destination using Goodwin Dynamic packaging.
Just combine accommodation with air tickets, transfers, excursions, and other services and create complex packages to increase the range of your offers. 
Price accuracy is 95%. 
And one more thing: it is real-time! 

Own price content

All the necessary tools to create and manage your own price content are in place. Create your own hotel contracts, transfers, excursions, sightseeing tours, charter flight programs, or other services and make your portfolio wider. Combine your static prices with dynamic content from providers and improve your attractiveness to customers. 


Increase your brand`s attraction. Expand your presence. Promote your products, services, and best offers by using Goodwin`s marketing tools. Create SPOkits and add them to your social media or e-mail delivery campaigns. Try Goodwin`s SEO features and price feed export capabilities. Be creative in your marketing strategy and Goodwin helps you to achieve your goals.

This is a small part of essential features and more of them are to come, as we continuously improve our solution to fulfill our customers` requirements and see their businesses successfully growing.


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