Release notes dynamic packaging software Goodwin’s team is glad to present the list of updates and improvements we have made during April 2024.


We are sure it will make your experience of using the Goodwin system better.

The main goal for the released features was to improve the functionality of the repoting and streamline the operations within the finance block.


Also, we have integrated new payment provider, which will help the Middle-East companies to work with the customers in the most-efficient way.



🗞️ New features


A newly added filters by Name, City, and Country in the Orders – Excursions section



So now you can filter excursions more precisely




A multi-selector of Destinations added for Payment Control section

Screenshot_1-1Select several destinations while managing payments









MyFatoorah payment gateway integration

MyFatoorah – WooCommerce – Extension WordPress | FrançaisOne more CC card and Middle-East payment methods integration for your customers could be ready for use.





🐞 Bugs fixed

  • HoppaGo round-trip transfers booking improved
  • Minor bugs fixed
  • System processing abilities checked and increased

🔜 Coming soon

  • B2B2C referral functionality
  • Hotelbeds excursions and activities

For questions, clarifications, or your plan extension do not hesitate to reach out to us!