Efficient Management of Agents with Dynamic Packaging Software

Manage agents with travel softwareAgents and agent networks have always been one of the most important sales channels for tour operators, transportation companies, and Destination Management Companies (DMCs). The dynamic nature of travel demands flexibility, precision, and robust tools to ensure seamless operations and satisfied partners. Based on our 20 years of experience in travel, we have identified the options that make agents feel comfortable working with travel companies and incorporated them into the travel management software, Goodwin.


Personalized Commission Structures with Marketing Groups

Goodwin’s “Marketing Groups” functionality allows clients to segment their agents into distinct groups, each with personalized commission levels. This customization ensures fair and tailored commissions, fostering a motivated and efficient sales force.


Enhanced Financial Management with the Deposit System

Our deposit system allows operators to monitor and manage agent deposits with transparency, ensuring accurate financial transactions and reconciliations. This feature provides insights into the business’s financial health, enabling better decision-making and planning.


Comprehensive Financial and Reconciliation Systems

Goodwin’s financial and reconciliation systems keep all finances up-to-date, ensuring every transaction is accounted for. This functionality is essential for maintaining financial integrity and smooth business operations, ensuring agents are compensated correctly and on time.


Enhanced Agent Control with Rely Groups

The “Rely Groups” feature offers different information and credit access levels, providing operators with the flexibility to manage agents according to their specific roles. Special options like keeping unpaid bookings and extending credit terms support agents and ensure efficient operations.

Comprehensive Agents’ Personal Zone

Goodwin provides a comprehensive personal zone for agents, reflecting all the details of booked products along with the financial information. This personal zone allows agents to manage their bookings efficiently, keep track of their financial status, and access all relevant details in one place. This holistic view enhances the agent’s ability to provide excellent customer service and manage their tasks effectively.


The Benefits of Dynamic Packages for Agents

Dynamic packaging allows agents to create customized travel experiences by combining flights, hotels, and tours into a single package. This flexibility meets travelers’ unique needs and maximizes agents’ revenue potential.

Goodwin’s robust functionalities provide tour operators, OTAs, and DMCs with the tools they need to manage their agents effectively. By offering personalized commission structures, enhanced financial management, comprehensive reconciliation systems, and flexible access levels, Goodwin ensures that businesses can operate efficiently and profitably. Our dynamic packaging capabilities further empower agents to deliver exceptional travel experiences, driving growth and success in the competitive travel industry.